We Repair, Buy and Sell Surgical Power Tool Equipment & Accessories - Loaners Available


MedRepair has hundreds of Electric and Pneumatic Surgical Powered Instruments & Related Equipment Loaners available at No Charge to you while we repair your equipment.  Some available items are:

Surgical Power Tool
Sagittal Saws – Reciprocating Saws – Oscillating Saws – Precision Saws – Sternum Saws – Drills – Single Trigger Rotary Handpieces
Dual Trigger Rotary Handpieces – Cordless Drivers – Universal Drivers – Modular Handpieces

Surgical Powered Instrument Attachments
Pin Drivers – Single Trigger Wire Collets – Dual Trigger Wire Collets – Jacob Chuck attachments – Reaming attachments
Trinkle attachments – Hudson attachments – AO attachments – Synthes attachments

Surgical Laparoscopic & Endoscopic Shavers and Microdebriders  

Surgical Powered Instrument Cables  

Medical Consoles, Footpedals & Footswitches

and much more from most all your favorite Manufactures & their various Makes and Models.

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