American Orthopaedic Cast Cutter

MedRepair has been an A.O. distributor since 2001 offering New Cast Cutters & Complete Systems with Vacuums for many years, we have been in the service industry for over 35 years.  This is one of many Cast Cutters we offer in New & Used Condition both with Warranties.
If interested in used orthopedic equipment, inventory changes daily on what Makes and Models are in stock, so please call for model your interested in to check inventory.  We also have replacement blades, Filter cartridges, hoods, hoses, guards, and several other miscellaneous items available for the A.O. line of saws.

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American Orthopaedic Cast Cutter Models

  • Model No. 0295-200: 115 volt motor with Hex Drive Shaft
  • Model No. 0295-202: 115 volt motor with Pin Drive Shaft
  • Model No. 0295-260: 230 volt motor with Hex Drive Shaft

Features & Benefits:

  • Balance of weight and power helps reduce user fatigue
  • Internally lubricated for longer service
  • Designed for rugged use
  • Switch is designed and placed so that it will not break if dropped
  • Hex drive provides six (6) blade rotations extending blade life by 50%
  • Hospital grade plug
  • 10 foot power cord

American Orthopaedic Cast Dust Vacuums

  • Model No. 0295-400: 115 volt motor, 50-60 Hz
  • Model No. 0295-401: 230 volt motor, 50-60 Hz

American Orthopaedic™ Cast Dust Vacuum
consists of the following:

  • One dust collection unit with one pre-installed filter cartridge
  • One vacuum hose with end fittings for the cast saw and vacuum inlet
  • Six hose/cord clips
  • Two storage caps for the filter cartridge
  • One cast saw hanger bracket

The American Orthopaedic Cast Dust Vacuum is supplied with a pre-installed disposable filter cartridge, 10′ x 1.25″ I.D. hose, 6 hose/cord straps, vacuum nozzle adapter, owner’s manual and registration card.

NOTE: This vacuum may also be adapted to the following Cast Cutters: Stryker #840, Stryker #940 and Zimmer #8909-01. Accessories required at additional cost.

American Orthopaedic Portable Vacuum

  • Model No. 0295-300: 115 volt motor, 50-60 Hz


  • Width 7.5″ Height 9.75″ Length 19.5″
  • 6.75 amp motor 50-60 Hz
  • Cord Length 10′
  • Airflow 66 CFM
  • Waterlift 63″

The American Orthopaedic Dust Vacuum is supplied with a pre-installed disposable filter cartridge, six hose straps, storage caps for filter, nozzle and bracket for cast cutter owner’s manual and registration card.  Hose length 6″ x 1.25″

NOTE: This vacuum may also be adapted to the following cast cutters: Stryker #840, Stryker #940 and Zimmer #8909-01.  Accessories required at additional cost.