desoutter cast saw blade

DeSoutter 6260 Cast Saw Blade

PTFE (Teflon) coated: Segmented blade

Order # D006260

Ideally for plaster of Paris material due to the fine tooth form. Lasts up to approx 3-4 weeks if used on ‘synthetic’ material and approx. 5-6 weeks if used on plaster of Paris in a busy fracture clinic. Teflon coated, base material chromium plated, high-grade carbon steel.
Teflon is black aesthetic visual identification coating only, wears off from tips almost straight away. Base material is very hard so is not bad for cutting synthetics.

General notes:

Longevity dependant on cast application, thickness, dryness, cutting technique & condition of blade.
Depending on number of casts per day – typical daily usage in a fracture clinic would be 20 casts at 2 minutes per cast.
Always use according to operating instructions.
Remove blade for cleaning and wash with soap, water & a brush.

Product Description

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