DeSoutter 7960 Stainless Steel Blade

DeSoutter 7960 Cast Saw Blade

Stainless Steel Blade

Order # D007960

Good for synthetic material in a busy fracture clinic. (This is usually the best alternative to offer against the cheaper PTFE blades). Base material hardened stainless steel.

General notes:

Longevity dependant on cast application, thickness, dryness, cutting technique & condition of blade.
Depending on number of casts per day – typical daily usage in a fracture clinic would be 20 casts at 2 minutes per cast.
Always use according to operating instructions.
Remove blade for cleaning and wash with soap, water & a brush.

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Product Description

The DeSoutter 7960 Cast Saw Blade fits the following:

  • DeSoutter CC4 Cast Cutter,
  • DeSoutter CC5 Cast Cutter,
  • DeSoutter CC6 Cast Cutter, and
  • DeSoutter CSB-100 Battery Powered Saw.