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We Repair and Sell the following Model Numbers.
Model # Manufacturer Description
C100 3M Cranitome 30
C201 3M Dura Guard
C202 3M Rotating Dura Guard
C203 3M Sternum Guard
C215 3M 3-Fluted Skull Perforator
C216 3M 2-Fluted Skull Perforator
C217 3M Skull Perforator Guard
C218 3M Skull Perforator Guard
C221 3M Cranioplasty Attachment
C253 3M Guard Protector
C260 3M Wire-Pass Guard
C293 3M 1000 RPM Drive
C426 3M Wire-Pass Drill
C451 3M Neuro Blade
C452 3M Sternum Blade
C465 3M Cranioplasty Bur
D306 3M Autoclave Case
K109 3M ¼” Jacobs Chuck
K114A 3M ASIF/AO Twist Drill Chuck
K210 3M High Torque Jacobs Chuck
K211 3M Automatic Pin Driver
M207 3M Nitrogen Regulator
M289 3M Foot Throttle
U100 3M Micro Driver Motor
U200 3M Drill attachment with integral medium bur guard
U211 3M Long bur guard
U212 3M X-Long Bur Guard
U300 3M Sagittal Saw Attachment with Screwdriver
U500 3M Oscillating Saw attachment
U700 3M Reciprocating Saw attachment with wrench
5590 Hall 3M Sarns Sternal Saw
81014 Hall 3M SmartRelease Endoscopic Carpal Tunnel Handpiece
D201 Hall 3M 10" Hose
K100 Hall 3M Mini Driver Air Instrument
K110 Hall 3M 5/32" Jacobs Chuck Insert
K111 Hall 3M Swanson K-Wire Chuck
K112 Hall 3M Trinkle Chuck
K113 Hall 3M Hudson Chuck Insert
K114A Hall 3M Mini ASIF/AO Quick Connect Drill Chuck
K120 Hall 3M Sagittal Saw Attachment
K200 Hall 3M Mini-Driver Handpiece
K220 Hall 3M Sagittal Saw
T100 Hall 3M Staplizer Handpiece
76975 3M Elipar ESPE DeepCure-S LED Curing Light
A203 3M Air Hose

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