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Model #ManufacturerDescription
C1003MCranitome 30
C2013MDura Guard
C2023MRotating Dura Guard
C2033MSternum Guard
C2153M3-Fluted Skull Perforator
C2163M2-Fluted Skull Perforator
C2173MSkull Perforator Guard
C2183MSkull Perforator Guard
C2213MCranioplasty Attachment
C2533MGuard Protector
C2603MWire-Pass Guard
C2933M1000 RPM Drive
C4263MWire-Pass Drill
C4513MNeuro Blade
C4523MSternum Blade
C4653MCranioplasty Bur
D2013M10’ Hose
D3063MAutoclave Case
K1093M¼” Jacobs Chuck
K1103M5/32” Jacobs Chuck
K1113MSwanson K-Wire Insert
K111A3MAutomatic Wire Driver
K1123MTrinkle Chuck
K1133MHudson Chuck
K114A3MASIF/AO Twist Drill Chuck
K1203MSagittal Saw
K2003MMini-Driver Handpiece
K2103MHigh Torque Jacobs Chuck
K2113MAutomatic Pin Driver
K2203MSagittal Saw
M2073MNitrogen Regulator
M2893MFoot Throttle
U1003MMicro Driver Motor
U2003MDrill attachment with integral medium bur guard
U2113MLong bur guard
U2123MX-Long Bur Guard
U3003MSagittal Saw Attachment with Screwdriver
U5003MOscillating Saw attachment
U7003MReciprocating Saw attachment with wrench

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