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We Repair and Sell the following Model Numbers.
Model # Manufacturer Description
61-0001-2-1 Anspach Anspach Drill and Pneumatic Hose
71-0008-1 Anspach Long Attachment
74-0014-2 Anspach Speed Reducer 60
BlackMax Anspach Black Max handpiece
Crani-A Anspach 6.5cm Adult Craniotome Attachment
CSR60 Anspach Perforator Driver with Hudson End
E-FP-DIR Anspach Electric Foot Pedal for eMax2 plus system
eG1a Anspach G1 Electric System Handpiece
EMAX Anspach EMAX Handpiece
Emax 2 Anspach Emax 2 Handpiece
Emax 2 Plus Anspach eMax 2 Plus Handpiece
EMAX2-HC Anspach EMAX2 Handcontrol
LONG Anspach 11 cm Long attachment
LONG-G1 Anspach 11 cm Long Attachment for the eG1a
MA-D20 Anspach 20-Degree Angle Driver
MDA Anspach Micro Dissection Attachment
Medium-G1 Anspach 8 cm Medium Attachment for the eG1a
OCM Anspach Otologic Curved Micro Attachment
QD11 Anspach 11 cm Quick Disconnect Angle Attachment
QD11-G1 Anspach 11 cm Quick Disconnect Angle Attachment
QD14 Anspach 14 cm Quick Disconnect Angle Attachment
QD8-G1 Anspach 8 cm Quick Disconnect Angle Attachment
QD8-S Anspach 7.5 cm Quick Disconnect Angle Attachment
SHORT Anspach 5 cm Short Attachment
SHORT-G1 Anspach 5 c,m short Attachment for the eG1a
XMax Anspach Xmax Handpiece

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