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We Repair and Sell the following Model Numbers.
Model # Manufacturer Description
05166903 Arthrex Charging Station for AR-300/AR-600 Batteries
AR-1999 Arthrex Screw Driver handle, ratcheting, AO handle, mini, cannulated
AR-300 Arthrex Drill/Saw Mini 300
AR-300L Arthrex Li-Ion Battery for AR-300
AR-300LBH Arthrex Battery Housing for AR-300
AR-8310 Arthrex Low Profile Footswitch
AR-8325F Arthrex APS II Shaver Handpiece
AR-8325H Arthrex Shaver handpiece, handcontrol
AR-8330F Arthrex Shaver handpiece, footcontrol
AR-8330H Arthrex Handcontrol Shaver Handpiece
AR-8330RH Arthrex Handcontrol Shaver Handpiece Backhand
AR-8330SJ Arthrex Footcontrol Shaver Handpiece Small Joint
AR-6476 Arthrex Continuous Wave III Arthroscopy Pump Remote Control
AR-6482 Arthrex DualWave Remote
AR-8305 Arthrex Synergy Resection Console
AR-8320F Arthrex Foot Controlled Shaver
AR-8332H Arthrex Shaver handpiece, hand control
AR-9600FB Arthrex Bipolar Footpedal
VAR-8325F Arthrex APS II Small Shaver Handpiece
VAR-8330F Arthrex Shaver handpiece

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