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We Repair and Sell the following Model Numbers.
Model # Manufacturer Description
G10, PL Brasseler Endodonic Head, Gear
KM-A90-200 Brasseler Air/Nitrogen Hose with Linvatec Hall Hose Connection
LS1 LSL Brasseler Motor Sheath and head
LS22K Brasseler Air Motor
M93100 Brasseler Microosc Orthrosphere
PM-M09-200 Brasseler BSPMicro High Speed Drill
PM-M10-200 Brasseler BSPMicro Medium Speed Drill
PM-M10-901 Brasseler medium burs
PM-M10-902 Brasseler long burs
PM-M12-200 Brasseler BSPMicro Sagittal Saw
HPA-S, HPA-M Brasseler NSK HygienePro Air Nose Cone (straight handpiece), Motor
NL-95KS Brasseler NSK Handpiece Standard Kavo
PM-M13-200 Brasseler Oscillating Saw
N45S Brasseler USA Standard Head Size handpiece
X25L Brasseler USA Ti-Max X Series Contra Angle
F5 Brasseler Forza F5 Contra Angle Attachment
93003 Brasseler High Speed Drill
ELM Brasseler Forza ELM Electric Motor
F1 Brasseler Forza F1 handpiece
F1S Brasseler E-Typle Straight Nose Cone
G10 Brasseler EndoSequence 2 Gear (10:1 Reduction)
LS/1S Brasseler E-Type Straight Nose Cone
LS1 Brasseler Low Speed E-Type Sheath
NL9000KM Brasseler High Speed Air Turbine Handpiece
PL Brasseler EndoSequence 2 Head only
NL9000KS Brasseler NSK High Speed Air Turbine Handpiece
KM-A90-200 Brasseler Air/Nitrogen Hose for Linvatec
PM-M09-200 Brasseler High Speed Drill
PM-M10-200 Brasseler Medium Speed Drill
PM-M10-902 Brasseler Extra Long Bur
PM-M12-200 Brasseler Sagittal Saw PM-M12 Series
PM-M11-200 Brasseler Wiredriver

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