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We Repair and Sell the following Model Numbers.
Model # Manufacuturer Description
CC1M DeSoutter Cast Cutter
CCB DeSoutter Cast Cutter
5300 DeSoutter Standard Air Hose
9500 DeSoutter Wash Assist Hose
13000 DeSoutter Standard Air Hose
1250114 DeSoutter CCB 9.6V Battery Powered Saw
CC4 DeSoutter Cast Cutter
CC5 DeSoutter Cast Cutter
CC6 DeSoutter Cast Cutter
CCS DeSoutter Cast Cutter Vacuum
CSB-100 DeSoutter Battery Powered Saw
CSP-201 DeSoutter Paediatric Cast Saw
DPX-170 DeSoutter Air Oscillating Sternum Saw
DPX-170S DeSoutter Pneumatic Oscillating Saw TPLO
DPX-170S DeSoutter Slocum Pneumatic Oscillating Saw
NS3 DeSoutter Autopsy Saw
PS5/6 DeSoutter PowerSupply

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