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Model #ManufacturerDescription
18-95400MedtronicDual Function Footswitch
18-95410MedtronicXPS Single Function Footswitch
18-95505MedtronicXPS Accessory Cable
18-95820MedtronicPower Cord
18-96840MedtronicXPS Straightshot M4 Sterilization Tray
18-97013MedtronicXPS 3000 Straightshot M4 Microdebrider Kit
18-97101MedtronicXPS 3000 Console
18-97102MedtronicXPS3000 Console
18-98200TMedtronicXPS Straightshot M4 High-Speed Microdebrider handpiece
3052460MedtronicSkeeter Otologic Metric Scale
3055601MedtronicSkeeter Ultra-Lite Motor
30-55601MedtronicSkeeter Ultra-lite Handpiece
3055607MedtronicAccelerator Foot Control
3155615MedtronicSkeeter Sterilization Tray
33-33618MedtronicVisao High-Speed Otologic Drill (with Console) Set
33-34610MedtronicVisao Irrigation Sleeve Assembly
33-34625MedtronicVisao Extended Bur Guard, w/o irrigation
33-34635MedtronicVisao Extended Bur Guard, w/irrigation
33-34800MedtronicVisao High-Speed Otologic Drill
33-34895MedtronicVisao Otologic Sterilization Tray
AA07MedtronicAngled Small Bore
AA075MedtronicAngled Small Bore
AA07DKMedtronicAngled Small Bore Double Lock
AA09DKMedtronicAngled Large Bore Double Lock
AA09SMedtronicAngled Large Bore
AA10MedtronicAngled Small Bore
AA10DKMedtronicAngled Small Bore Double Lock
AA10SMedtronicAngled Small Bore
AA10SDKMedtronicAngled Small Bore Double Lock
AA14MedtronicAngled Large Bore
AA14DKMedtronicAngled Large Bore Double Lock
AA14SMedtronicAngled Large Bore
AA14SDKMedtronicAngled Large Bore Double Lock
AA15MedtronicAngled Small Bore
AA15DKMedtronicAngled Small Bore Double Lock
AC16MedtronicContra-Angle Attachment
AD01MedtronicPerforator Driver Attachment
AD02MedtronicJacobs Attachment
AD03MedtronicPerforator Driver Attachment
AF01MedtronicFooted Attachment
AF01RMedtronicRotating Footed Attachment
AF02MedtronicFooted Attachment
AF02RMedtronicRotating Footed Attachment
AF03MedtronicFooted Attachment
AR14MedtronicRight-Angle Attachment
AS07MedtronicStraight Small Bore
AS075MedtronicStraight Small Bore
AS08MedtronicStraight Small Bore
AS09MedtronicStraight Large Bore
AS09SMedtronicStraight Large Bore
AS10MedtronicStraight Small Bore
AS10SMedtronicStraight Small Bore
AS125SMedtronicStraight Small Bore
AS12DKMedtronicAngled Small Bore Double Lock
AS14MedtronicStraight Large Bore
AS14PMedtronicStraight Large Bore-Precision Graft
AS14SMedtronicStraight Large Bore
AS15MedtronicStraight Small Bore
AS21MedtronicStraight Large Bore
AS26MedtronicStraight Large Bore
ASJLMedtronicJ-Latch Attachment
ASMCMedtronicMetal Cutter Attachment
AT10MedtronicTelescoping Attachment
AT10AMedtronicTelescoping Attachment Angled
AVA07MedtronicVariable Angled Small Bore
AVA07DKMedtronicVariable Angled Small Bore Double Lock
AVA09MedtronicVariable Angled Large Bore
AVA09DKMedtronicVariable Angled Large Bore Double Lock
AVA10MedtronicVariable Angled Small Bore
AVA12MedtronicVariable Angled Small Bore
AVA12DKMedtronicVariable Angled Small Bore Double Lock
AVA14MedtronicVariable Angled Large Bore
AVA14DKMedtronicVariable Angled Large Bore Double Lock
AVA15MedtronicVariable Angled Small Bore
AVA15DKMedtronicVariable Angled Small Bore Double Lock
AVS07MedtronicVariable Straight Small Bore
AVS08MedtronicVariable Straight Small Bore
AVS09MedtronicVariable Straight Large Bore
AVS10MedtronicVariable Straight Small Bore
AVS12MedtronicVariable Straight Small Bore
AVS14MedtronicVariable Straight Large Bore
AVS15MedtronicVariable Straight Small Bore
BM100MedtronicLegend Bone Mill Attachment
BM110MedtronicMidasRex Bone Mill Base
BM120MedtronicMidasRex Bone Mill Console
BM130MedtronicMidasRex Bone Mill Instrument Tray
EA100MedtronicInstrument Case
EA201MedtronicFoot Control Y-Splitter
EA600MedtronicPower Cord, US
EA650MedtronicPower Cord, US
EF201MedtronicFoot Control, Wide Angle Accessible
EK001MedtronicIntegrated Power Console Kit
EK002MedtronicLegend EHS Kit
EK003MedtronicLegend EHS Stylus Kit
EK005MedtronicSkeeter Ultra-Lite Motor Kit
EK006MedtronicLegend EHS Stylus Touch Kit
EM100-AMedtronicEHS Motor
EM200MedtronicEHS Stylus Motor
EM210MedtronicStylus Touch
PA115MedtronicTool Storage Rack
PA130MedtronicLegend Motor Wrench
PA400MedtronicInstrument Kit ¾ DIN
PA600MedtronicMidas Rex MR7 Instrument Case ¾ DIN
PC100MedtronicPneumatic Control Unit
PC101MedtronicPneumatic Control Unit (Schrader)
PC110MedtronicAdaptor FN2-DIS sto M-Schr
PC120MedtronicAdaptor FN2-DISS to MA-Diss
PC130MedtronicLegend WF4 Connector
PC140MedtronicAdaptor FN2-DISS to F-Schr
PC230Medtronic30 ft. Extension Hose
PC231Medtronic30 ft. Extension Hose, (Schrader)
PC700MedtronicMidas Rex Pneumatic Foot Control
PC710MedtronicMedias Rex MR7 Regulator Hose
PC720MedtronicMR7 Triton Adaptor
PK100MedtronicLegend Gold Kit
PK110MedtronicLegend Gold Touch Kit
PK200MedtronicLegend Platinum Kit
PK700MedtronicMidas Rex MR7 Foot Control Motor Kit
PK710MedtronicMidas Rex MR7 Finger Control Motor Kit
PM100MedtronicGold Motor
PM110MedtronicGold Touch Motor
PM200MedtronicPlatinum Motor
PM700MedtronicMidas Rex MR7 Motor
PM710MedtronicMidas Rex MR7 Touch Motor
TT12MedtronicTelescoping Tube T12
TT12AMedtronicTelescoping Tube T12 Angled
TT12AMISMedtronicTapered Telescoping Tube Angled
TT12CMedtronicTelescoping Tube T12 Curved
TT12CMISMedtronicTapered Telescoping Tube Curved
TT12FMedtronicTelescoping Tube T12 Fine
TT12MISMedtronicTapered Telescoping Tube Straight
TT14AMedtronicTelescoping Tube T14 Angled
TT14AMISMedtronicTapered Telescoping Tube Angled
TT14CMISMedtronicTapered Telescoping Tube Curved
TT15MedtronicTelescoping Tube T15
TT15HMedtronicTelescoping Tube T15 Hooded
TT17MedtronicTelescoping Tube T17
TT18MedtronicTelescoping Tube T18
TT18HMedtronicTelescoping Tube T18 Hooded
TT9MedtronicTelescoping Tube T9
TT9CMedtronicTelescoping Tube T9 Curved

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