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We Repair and Sell the following Model Numbers.
Model # Manufacturer Description
1025 MicroAire Instrument Power Console
1140 MicroAire Micro Drill
1220 MicroAire Sagittal Saw
1400 MicroAire Reciprocating Saw
1500 MicroAire Micro Osteotome
1620 MicroAire Pencil Grip Wire Driver
1625 MicroAire Pencil Grip Wire Driver
1641 MicroAire Electric SmartDriver
1700 MicroAire Oscillating Saw
1710 MicroAire Oscillating Saw Oral Surgery
1740 MicroAire Oscillating Saw Foot Surgery
1922 MicroAire Micro Sagittal Saw
1930 MicroAire 30K RPM MicroDrill
1932 MicroAire 20-degree Angle Micro Drill
1945 MicroAire Reciprocating Saw
1950 MicroAire Hall Style Sagittal Saw, Keyless
1955 MicroAire Hall Style Sagittal Saw
1970 MicroAire Micro Oscillating Saw
1972 MicroAire Oscillating Saw
1976 MicroAire Keyless Oscillating Saw
1980 MicroAire Jacobs Style Drill
1990 MicroAire Synthes Style Drill
1995 MicroAire Wire Driver
2100 MicroAire Micro Drill Head
2130 MicroAire 90K RPM High Speed Drill
2180 MicroAire Micro Drill Head Module
2190 MicroAire AO Synthes Style Head Module
2200 MicroAire Sagittal Saw Head Module
2250 MicroAire Zimmer Style Sagittal Saw
2420 MicroAire 2000 Reciprocating Saw Head Module
2700 MicroAire Oscillating Saw Head Module
2740 MicroAire Oscillating Saw Head Module
2910 MicroAire High Speed Drill
2950 MicroAire High Speed Drill w/o Hand Throttle
4100 MicroAire Drill/Reamer
6100 MicroAire Drill
6400 MicroAire Reciprocating Saw Coupler
6420 MicroAire Reciprocating Saw
6640 MicroAire Pistol Grip SmartDriver
6645 MicroAire Automatic Wire Driver Coupler
6650 MicroAire Pin Coupler
6660 MicroAire Trinkle Driver
6665 MicroAire Hudson High Torque Reaming Coupler
6670 MicroAire Sagittal Saw Coupler
6672 MicroAire Keyless Sagittal Saw Coupler
6673 MicroAire Heavy Duty Sagittal Saw Coupler
6680 MicroAire 5/32” Jacobs Attachment
6685 MicroAire ¼” Jacobs Style High Torque Reamer Attachment
6687 MicroAire Zimmer Reamer Attachment
6689 MicroAire Synthes Reamer Attachment
6690 MicroAire Synthes Driver Attachment
7025 MicroAire Direct Power Console
7500 MicroAire Drill/Reamer
7506 Microaire Cordless Oscillating Saw
7507 MicroAire Cordless Reciprocating Saw
7600 MicroAire Oscillating Saw
7700 MicroAire Reciprocating Saw
81014 MicroAire SmartRelease Aluminum Handpiece
1000-100 MicroAire Pneumatic motor with Throttle
1000-200 MicroAire Pneumatic motor with throttle
1000-300 MicroAire Pneumatic motor with Throttle
1000-400 MicroAire Pneumatic motor with throttle
1000-600 MicroAire Pneumatic motor with throttle
1000E MicroAire Electric motor without throttle
1000ET MicroAire Electric motor with throttle
1006-1000 MicroAire Cable for 1025 Console
1006-6000 MicroAire Electric Handpiece cable
1006-PALE MicroAire PAL Instrument Cable for REF 1020/1025
1050-100 MicroAire Pneumatic motor without throttle
1050-200 MicroAire Pneumatic motor without throttle
1050-300 MicroAire Pneumatic motor without throttle
1050-400 MicroAire Pneumatic motor without throttle
1050-600 MicroAire Pneumatic motor without throttle
1100-005 MicroAire Long Bur Guard
1100-006 MicroAire Extra Long Bur Guard
1140-010 MicroAire Irrigation Clip
1220-100 MicroAire Micro Sagittal Saw
1300-000 MicroAire Extended Sagittal Saw
1320-000 MicroAire Extended Sagittal Saw
1400-100 MicroAire Micro Reciprocating Saw
1620-100 MicroAire Micro Wire Driver
1620-200 MicroAire Micro Wire Driver Hall style hose
1625-100 MicroAire Pencil Grip Wire Driver
1625-200 MicroAire Pencil Grip wire driver
1625-300 MicroAire Pencil Grip wire driver
1625-400 MicroAire Pencil Grip wire driver
1625-600 MicroAire Pencil Grip wire driver
1640-000 MicroAire Wire Driver
1640-100 MicroAire Pistol Grip Wire Driver
1745-001 MicroAire Locking Wrench
2000-100 MicroAire Hose Connector
2000-300 MicroAire Hose Connector
2006E MicroAire Electric Modular Instrument System
2050-200 MicroAire Hose Connector
2250-001 MicroAire Blade Locking Wrench
2500-100 MicroAire Impactor Power Osteotome
2500-200 MicroAire Series 5000 Hall connector
2910-010 MicroAire Irrigation Clip
2910-011 MicroAire Long Bur Guard
2910-019 MicroAire Extra Long Bur Guard
4100-002 MicroAire Trinkle Drive Coupler
4100-003 MicroAire Jacobs ¼” Drill Coupler
4100-004 MicroAire Jacobs ¼” Drive Coupler
4100-006 MicroAire Synthes AO Drill Coupler
4100-007 MicroAire Synthes AO Reamer
4100-008 MicroAire Hudson Reamer Coupler
4100-010 MicroAire Pin Driver Coupler
4100-021 MicroAire Automatic Screwdriver bit holder
4100-023 MicroAire Automatic Screwdriver bit holder
4100-024 MicroAire Screwdriver bit, single slot, Trinkle Shank
4100-025 MicroAire Screwdriver bit, Phillips, Trinkle Shank
4100-026 MicroAire Screwdriver, Cruciate Trinkle Shank
4100-027 MicroAire Screwdriver bit, SIF Trinkle Shank
4200-002 MicroAire 4200 Oscillating Saw Blade Locking Tool
4740-100 MicroAire Pulse Lavage II Style Hose Connector
5006-PAL MicroAire PAL Instrument Cable for REF 5020/5025
6401-000 MicroAire Foot pedal
6640-100 MicroAire Pneumatic SmartDriver Handpiece Set
6640-200 MicroAire Hall Connector
6640-300 MicroAire Hose Connector
6640-350 MicroAire 3M Maxi Connector
6640-400 MicroAire Stryker Connector
6640-474 MicroAire Pulse Lavage Coupler
6640-600 MicroAire Synthes Connector
6640-710 MicroAire NiMH SmartDriver Battery
6642B MicroAire Battery SmartDriver XT
7007-000 MicroAire DPC Handpiece Cable
7013-000 MicroAire Large Power Quiet Air Hose
7013-003 MicroAire Zimmer Style Hose
7100-001 MicroAire Zimmer reamer Coupler
7100-002 MicroAire Trinkle Coupler
7100-003 MicroAire Jacobs ¼” Drill Coupler
7100-004 MicroAire ¼” Keyless Coupler
7100-005 MicroAire 1/8” Keyless Coupler
7100-006 MicroAire AO Synthes Coupler
7100-008 MicroAire Hudson Reamer Coupler
7100-010 MicroAire Jacobs Coupler
7100-011 MicroAire Harris/Aesculap Reamer
7100-045 MicroAire Wire/Pin Coupler
7100-050 MicroAire Pin Driver Coupler
7100-051 MicroAire Zimmer Coupler
7100-058 MicroAire Hudson Coupler
7100-111 MicroAire AO Synthes Reamer Coupler
7100-112 MicroAire AO Synthes Non-Reversing Reamer Coupler
7100-200 MicroAire Series 7000 Drill/Reamer
7100-474 MicroAire Pulse Lavage Coupler
7200-200 MicroAire Series 7000 Oscillating Saw
7400-200 MicroAire Series 7000 Reciprocating Saw
7500-700 MicroAire NiMH Battery Charger
7505-710 MicroAire Large NiMH SmartDriver Battery Pack
9000-000 MicroAire Standard Hose with MicroAire Connector
9000-020 MicroAire 20-foot Air Hose
9010-000 MicroAire Throttle locking ring
9013-000 MicroAire 10-Foot pneumatic Hose Hall connector
9014-000 MicroAire 3M MiniDriver Style Hose
9017-000 MicroAire Stryker Style Hose
9100-000 MicroAire Pneumatic foot control with 10-foot hose
9500-000 MicroAire Single Outlet Regulator
9500-001 MicroAire Stryker Adapter
9500-002 MicroAire Schrader Input Connector
9502-000 MicroAire Dual Outlet Regulator
2500 MicroAire Impactor Power Osteotome
6643 MicroAire SmartDriver Duo
7205 MicroAire Pneumatic Oscillating Saw
7505 MicroAire Cordless Drill/Reamer
1140-100 MicroAire Micro Twist Drill
1600-000 MicroAire Handpiece
2910-200 MicroAire High Speed Drill
5740-200 MicroAire Hall Style Hose Connector
7200-200 MicroAire Drill/Reamer with Hall Connector
7505-050 MicroAire Pin Driver Coupler
CFD899-4000 MicroAire Manual Surgical Drill
PAL-600E MicroAire PAL 600E Handpiece
PAL-650 MicroAire PAL 650 LipoSculptor Handpiece

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