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We Repair and Sell the following Model Numbers.

Model # Manufacturer Description
832-1830-11 Parks Medical 8.3 MHZ Pencil Probe
832-1910-11 Parks Medical 9.1 MHZ Pencil Probe
832-1910-41 Parks Medical 9.1 MHZ Pencil Probe 10'
832-1920-11 Parks 9.2 MHZ Doppler Pencil Probe
832-1930-11 Parks Medical 9.0 MHZ Pencil Probe
832-1940-11 Parks Medical 9.4 MHZ Pencil Probe
832-1950-11 Parks Medical 9.5 MHZ Pencil Probe
832-1970-11 Parks Medical 9.7 MHZ Pencil Probe

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