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We Repair and Sell the following Model Numbers.
Model # Manufacturer Description
323.201 Synthes 2 mm Universal Drill Guide
511.11 Synthes Small Air Drill
511.300 Synthes Radiolucent Drive
511.701 Synthes Compact Air Drive II handpiece
511.731 Synthes Chuck Keyless
511.791 Synthes Quick Coupling for K-Wires
511.801 Synthes Oscillating Saw Attachment
518.01 Synthes Oscillating Bone Saw
519.511 Synthes Air Hose
523.010 Synthes Small Battery Drive
530.100 Synthes Power Drive
530.280 Synthes Power Drive Battery Casing
530.601 Synthes UBC Charger
530.605 Synthes Battery Reamer/Drill II
530.610 Synthes Battery Oscillator
530.615 Synthes Battery Reciprocator
530.705 Synthes Battery Reamer/Drill II
530.710 Synthes Battery Oscillator II
530.730 Synthes Chuck with Key
532.001 Synthes Colibri
532.003 Synthes Small Battery Drive Battery
532.010 Synthes Small Battery Drive
532.011 Synthes Mini Quick Coupling, for small battery drive
532.013 Synthes Quick Coupling for Drill Bits
532.014 Synthes Large jacobs chuck with key
532.015 Synthes Large Quick Coupling, for Small Battery drive
532.017 Synthes AO Reduction Drive Unit
532.021 Synthes Sagittal Saw Attachment
532.022 Synthes Quick Coupling for K-Wires for small battery Drive
532.032 Synthes Small Battery Drive Battery Casing for 14.4V Battery, 2 each
532.033 Synthes Small Battery Drive
532.101 Synthes Colibri II 14.4V
532.110 Synthes Small Battery Drive II
532.132 Synthes Battery Casing
05.000.008 Synthes Handpiece for battery powered Driver
05.001.000 Synthes Standard Console with irrigation
05.001.002 Synthes Basic Console for Electric Pen Drive & Small Electric Drive
05.001.010 Synthes Electric Pen Drive
05.001.021 Synthes Cable Electric Pen Drive
05.001.040 Synthes Reciprocating Saw Attachment
05.001.048 Synthes Bur Attachment, S, Angled for EPD & APD
05.001.123 Synthes Drill/Burr Attachment, straight for Round Shafts for EPD and APD
05.001.201 Synthes Trauma Recon System Handpiece
05.001.202 Synthes Trauma Recon System Power Module
05.001.210 Synthes AO Reaming Attachment
05.001.212 Synthes Quick Coupling for Kirschner Wires
05.001.213 Synthes Large quick coupling for Kirschner Wires
05.001.214 Synthes AO Screw Attachment Cannulation 2.1mm
05.001.218 Synthes Hudson Reaming Attachment
05.001.250 Synthes Quick Coupling
05.001.253 Synthes Large Chuck with Key
519.50S Synthes Schrader Stem
532.021VET Synthes Sagittal Saw Attachment
511.773 Synthes Torque Limiter for AO Quick Coupling
511.791 Synthes Quick Coupling for Kirschner Wire
512.100 Synthes Mini Air Drill
530.022 Synthes Quick Coupling
530.680 Synthes Power Line II Battery Case
530.690 Synthes Power Line II Battery Case
532.002 Synthes Battery Casing
532.012 Synthes Stryker J-Latch Coupling
532.026 Synthes Oscillating Saw Attachment
532.027 Synthes Blade Key
05.001.012 Synthes Pen Drive Hand Switch
05.001.204 Synthes Universal Battery Charger II
05.001.223 Synthes Sagittal Saw Attachment
519.51S Synthes ComPact Air Drive II

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