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Model #ManufacturerDescription
05.000.008SynthesHandpiece, for battery powered Driver
05.001.010SynthesElectric Pen Drive
05.001.021SynthesCable Electric Pen Drive
05.001.201SynthesTrauma Recon System Handpiece
05.001.210SynthesAO Reaming Attachment
05.001.213SynthesLarge Quick Coupling for Kirschner Wires
05.001.250SynthesQuick Coupling
05.001.253SynthesLarge Chuck with key
3212-0-250SynthesStryker Flexible Reamer Power Adapter
323.201Synthes2 mm Univeral Drill Guide
511.11SynthesSmall Air Drill
511.30SynthesRadiolucent Drive
511.731SynthesChuck, keyless
511.791SynthesQuick Coupling for K-Wires
518.01SynthesOscillating Bone Saw
519.50SSynthesSchrader Stem
519.51SSynthesSchrader Stem
519.53SSynthesSchrader Stem
530.601SynthesUBC Charger
530.605SynthesBattery Reamer/Drill
530.610SynthesBattery Oscillator
530.615SynthesBattery Reciprocator
530.730SynthesChuck with Key
530.710SynthesBattery Oscillator II
532.010SynthesSmall Battery Drive
532.011SynthesMini Quick Coupling, for small battery drive
532.013SynthesQuick Coupling for Drill Bits
532.014SynthesLarge jacobs chuck with key
532.015SynthesLarge Quick Coupling, for Small Battery drive
532.017SynthesAO Reduction Drive Unit
532.021SynthesSagittal Saw Attachment
532.022SynthesQuick Coupling for K-Wires, for small battery drive
532.032SynthesSmall Battery Drive Battery Casing for 14.4V Battery, 2 each
532.110SynthesSmall Battery Drive II
532.021SynthesOscillating Saw Attachment

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