MedRepair specializes in Sales & Repairs of Medical Power Equipment!

About Us

MedRepair has over 30 years of Repair experience and continues to serve our customer with the best quality repairs and the best customer service team that is always there to help you in getting answers to questions you may have.  MedRepair has original equipment manufacturer (OEM) trained technicians from DeSoutter Medical which supplies the necessary knowledge in working on your equipment, and this adds to reassuring you that you can always expect the same quality repairs from us as you would from your original manufacturer you purchased your equipment from.

We Specialize in repairs to Surgical Power Tools, Surgical Powered Instruments, Surgical Power Tool Attachments, Laproscopic Shavers, Endoscopy Shavers, Microdebriders, Cast Cutter Systems and all related accessories for the Orthopedic, Spine, ENT, Sports medicine, Ortho Trauma, NeuroSurgical & Maxillofacial markets.

Please don’t hesitate to call If you require any information about any of our products or pricing; we are here to help!