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Miscellaneous Manufacturers
We Repair and Sell the following Model Numbers.
Model # Manufacture Description
70339001 ACMI Diego Dissector Handpiece
C650-129A Olympus / ACMI Monopolar Active Cord, Bovie/Valley Generators
0295-200 American Orthopaedic Cast Cutter
0295-250 American Orthopaedic Cast Cutter Vacuum
PPS American Orthopaedic Power Supply
10863 ArthroCare Footswitch h 3000-01
H0970-02 Arthrocare ArthroWand Cable
8550815 Beaver Visitec Optho-Burr Handpiece
9223 Belden Coaxial Cable, Low Noise
CY1210CT BioSense Webster Catheter to Carto Cable
BV-1254B Bovie Electrosurgical Bipolar Footswitch
DEA028 Branemark Endodontic Motor Control Unit
182106 Burnett Cast Cutter
HUN-HAN Byron HUNSTADâ„¢ Infiltration Handle With Luer Lock Fitting
91050 Cochlear Osscora handpiece 20:1
91054 Cochlear OSSCORA Motor
E6008 Coviden Valleylab Monopolar Electrosurgical Footswitch
E6009 Coviden Bipolar Standard Footswitch
Stone Breaker Cook Medical Pneumatic Lithotripter
E6019 Coviden Dome bipolar Footswitch
RFG2 Coviden/VNUS Radiofrequency Generator
FT0021S Covidien Bipolar Resection Cord Storz
SCB Covidien LLC Reusable Battery
73481-04 Delta Cast Cutter
10K265 Dotco Oscillating Saw
10L2065-90 Dotco Oscillating Saw
10L2085-90 Dotco Oscillating Saw
12L2065-90 Dotco Oscillating Inline Saw
IEC-X3FHPB ellman 3-Button Fingerswitch Handpiece
0ME230SMA-XA Endo Optiks Laser Endoscope - Straight w/custom laser connector
20132-043 ERBE APC handle with 2 buttons
20189-027 Erbe Two Pedal Footswitch
00480 Ethicon Gynecare Versapoint Hysteroscopic Connector Cable
371870-02 Ethicon Footswitch Cable
FSW11 Ethicon Footswitch and Cable
GEN11 Ethicon Enseal G2 Straight Tissue Sealer
FSW11 Ethicon Endo-Surgery Foot switch and Cable
0570-0185 Glidescope Cobalt Video Baton 3-4
0570-0304 GlideScope Cobalt AVL Monitor
0570-0307 Glidescope Scope
0570-0338 Glidescope Glidescope Video laryngoscope Intubation camera handpiece
0574-0127 Glidescope Glidescope Titanium T4
BP4200V Gunter Bissinger Cable
6448-0029 Herga Foot bellows
6514-7-102 Howmedica 90-degree Angled Screwdriver
L6990 IM3 Advantage Advantage Low Speed motor and 4:1 Straight Nose Cone
2-14R IMS Air Hose
1845020 Indigo Otologic Angled Attachment for Indigo High Speed Otologic Drill
1845010, 1845020 Indigo Otologic Straight Attachment for Indigo High Speed Otologic Drill
772 IngersolRand Air Percussive Hammer
600-290 Integra Jarit Monopolar Cable
400229-01 Intuitive Surgical Cable for Gyrus ACMI 6400 Davinci
2520 Johnson&Johnson Cast Cutter
FK899R Kairison Pneumatic Kairison Handle
078760 Karl Storz Headband
204320 Karl Storz Suction Tube outer Diameter 2mm
20012430 Karl Storz Two Pedal Footswitch
20061831 Karl Storz Footpedal
20432030 Karl Storz Opitherm, heating element or thermoflators
20721020 Karl Storz Console
26713030 Karl Storz Motor
27610071 Karl Storz Connecting Cable (transducer/generator)
28721040 Karl Storz Shaver
40711040 Karl Storz DrillCut-X ENT Shaver handpiece
11301 D3 Karl Storz Battery Light Source LED for Endoscopes
20 0178 30 Karl Storz Two Pedal Footswitch
204320 30 Karl Storz Suction Tube outer diameter 2 mm
20711020-1 Karl Storz SCB Unidrive II Shaver/Drill/Instrument Control Unit
26006M Karl Storz Unipolar High Frequency Cord
26176LA Karl Storz Bipolar High Frequency Cord
27080KA Karl Storz Electrohydraulic Lithotripsy Cable
277KA Karl Storz Monopolar Cable
277KB Karl Storz Unipolar High Frequency Cord
40 7120 50 Karl Storz DrillCut-X II Shaver Handpiece
4120KKSB Karl Storz DrillCut-X II
495NA Karl Storz Fiber Optic Light Cable
60-6790-001 Karl Storz Adapter, Universal Footswitch
K2-4921 Katena Lithium Battery for the Pterygum Drill
K2-4920 Katena USA Pterygium Drill
25-200-0200 Kinamed CarboJet handpiece
10-7001 Kirwan Reusable silicone bipolar handswitch cord
50-800-04-07 KLS Martin BOS Driver "HT"
45 Koven Smartdop Vascular Ultrasound Doppler
P10M5S Koven Surgical Doppler Pencil Probe
P8M05S Koven Surgical Doppler Pencil Probe
P8M05S8A Koven Surgical Doppler Pencil Probe
6875-5003 Line Master Footpedal
632-DA Linemaster Clipper Footswitch
635-S LineMaster Clipper Footswitch
72-SWNO Linemaster Footpedal
971-SWNOM LineMaster Aquiline Footpedal
D41-SNO28 LineMaster Dolphin Footswitch
D41-SWNO Linemaster Dolphin Foot Switch
10000 Lipshaw Autopsy Saw
401092 Luxtec 9300XSP Light Source
CLX Luxtec Xenon Light source
CLX-T Luxtec Xenon Light source
4183-106 Martin M-Pact Cast Cutter
52-500-03-04 Martin SonicWelder Tx Handpiece
0075 Megadyne Lap-Reusable Cord
M9 Midmark Self-Contained Steam Sterilizer
07303 Mopec Cast Cutter
BD040 Mopec Autopsy Saw
BD045 Mopec Autopsy Saw
4183-106 MPact Cast Cutter
TCCSS1 MPact M-Pact Turbocare Cast Saw
DS-100A Nellcor Durasensor
2024 Neoprobe Reusable Detector Probe Cable
3740 Ohmeda Biox Pulse Oximeter
815002-01 Oratec Smith and Nephew / Dyonics Vulcan Footswitch
OSC 20101 Oscimed 2000 Cast Cutter Saw
91054 Osscora Osscora Motor with Cable
450-0004 Osteomed Power Control Console
450-0005-00 Osteomed Power Control Console 2i with Irrigation
450-0030 Osteomed Modular Motor Unit and Cord
450-0084 Osteomed Series II Low Profile Modular Motor Unit
450-0241 Osteomed Reciprocating Saw
450-0255 Osteomed Sagittal Saw
450-0777 Osteomed Series III Straight Drill
450-0080 OsteoPower Modular Handpiece
K-VS1045C Panasonic High Speed Color Scanner
AA-2585 Philips ECG Trunk Cable
M4742A Philips Switched Internal Paddles
M4744A Philips Switched Internal Paddles
3006569-005 Physio-Control Defib Cable Handles
O358PRA Pilling Surgical Fiberoptic Cable Olympus Lightsource Endfitting
PDSD-2000-2 Pro-Dex Pro-Driver
8106.033 R. Wolf HF Connecting Cable Wolf to Valleylab
8106.132 R. Wolf Electrosurgical HF Cable
8108.031 R. Wolf HF Bipolar Connecting Cable
8564.021 R. Wolf Power Stick M 4 Handle
8564.851 R. Wolf Power Stick M 4 handle connecting cable
544EE1018732 RAM Grinder
Universal Handle Rhein Irrigation Handle
31-0104 Richards Cast Cutter
8642.6508 R. Wolf Cysto-Urethroscopes
15670 Sarns Sternal Saw Motor
VF4 Sharn Sharn i-Warm Fluid Warmer
005-091 SimVet Bur Guard
980-SC3 Slocum Linemaster - Footswitch
88-9199 Snowden Pencer Monopolar cord
G6000 Solos Endoscopy Reusable Monopolar Endoscopic Cord
GS6000 Solos Endoscopy Endoscopy Reusable Monopolar Endoscopic Cord
P02522-20R, P00538-03 SonoSite UltraSound System
VASER-36 Sound Surgical Technologies Liposuction Unit Steute Footswitch
90020 Symmetry Olsen Threaded Instrument Connector Monopolar Cord
GEM2740 Synovis Reusable Titanium Tipped anastomotic Instrument
R150-A1 Techniquip Corp AC Regulated Fiber Optic Illuminator
50-3271 TeDan Surgical Innovations Phantom ML Light Cable ML-0048
10000 Thermo Scientific Shandon 10000 Autopsy Saw
720001 Triton Triton HT Handpiece
720002 Triton Micro Sagittal Saw
720101 Triton Triton Hose
SP-9970214-059312011 Vaser Lipo Footpedal
0570-0338 Verathon Medical Glidescope Video laryngoscope Intubation Camera handpiece
T1100 Veterinary Orthopedic Implants TPLO Saw, Pneumatic
RFG2 VNUS Radiofrequency Generator
50-4010 W. Lorenz Console
20-5008-00 Wells Johnson Aspirator III
110-0021-00 WestPort Medical Powertome 100S
OR-WE-500 Whittemore T.P.L.O Saw
228-993 R. Wolf Power Cord
6600 Xerox Phaser Colour Printer
E177808 Zeon Orascoptic Fibre Optique Illuminator

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