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We Repair and Sell the following Model Numbers.
Model # Manufacturer Description
431088 Olympus Power Cord
EG70338010 Olympus Diego Starlink Handpiece
EG70338011 Olympus Diego Footswitch
EG70339000 Olympus Diego Console
EG70339050 Olympus PK Diego Console
EG70339053 Olympus Footswitch Coupler
EG70339054 Olympus PK Diego Footswitch
A0393 Olympus HF cable for Resectorscopy to ValleyLab HF units
A20914A Olympus Cystourethroscope Sheath 22.5 FR
H180AL Olympus Evis Exera II Conolonovideoscope
Maj-1215 Olympus Transducer
MAJ-1258 Olympus Power Cord
MAJ-1430 Olympus Videoscope cable Exera II
MAJ-843 Olympus Videoscope cable Exera
MD-148 Olympus Videoscope Cable 100
MH-317 Olympus Footswitch
OEP-4 Olympus Color Video Printer
OFP Olympus Flushing Pump
T2H Olympus Autoclave SonoSurg Transducer
WA00014A Olympus HF-Cable Bipolar
WA03200A Olympus Light Guide Cable, Size S, for Light-guide adapters
WB50402W Olympus Footswitch double pedal
WB950243 Olympus Olympus for AFU-100
4013270 Olympus Luxtec MLX 300 Light Source Olympus Footswitch
FSW991.067.003 Olympus Celon Footswitch
MAJ-679 Olympus Footswitch

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